Radiate from the center of your universe

Excerpted from: Slightly Mad Rantings of a Body Intellectual, By Phil Porter  

world-revolves-around-meI am the center for the universe!

Of course, so are you.

The universe has many centers, and from each center circles of concern radiate outward as far you can go. Our orbits intersect, overlap, and even sometimes collide.

Although it may sound self absorbed, I think we should spend more time circling around ourselves. My body is right here, I should be in it. Occasionally, I may spin out and around someone or someplace else, but if I stay there too long, I will probably get into one form of trouble or another.

Many of us live lives that are not spinning around ourselves. We may be focused on a relationship, children, a partner, a job, or even a world event that we find concerning. There will be times in our lives when we either choose or are forced to circle elsewhere—a sick child, an aging parent, a crisis of some proportion. There will be times when we send ourselves quite far out—to distant loved ones or even the divine. But if we are gone for long from our centers we will suffer, and we shouldn’t be surprised.

Difficult work that requires us to be spinning elsewhere should be shared. Even if we feel called to do difficult work, we probably shouldn’t do it for long unless we also find significant ways to come back to ourselves.

Many of us have been taught to take care of others, that giving must come before receiving. We must give even if it is costly to us. We feel undeserving or self-indulgent when we receive.

In fact, there is no split between giving and receiving. Both are crucial to us as individuals and as members of community. To take care of ourselves leads us to abundance and generosity. Giving flows out of those states like a clear, cool, effortless stream.

Go boldly where few have gone before: to the center of your own universe!

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