InterPlayers in a Side-by-Side Story with the Dalai Lama at upcoming Parliament of World Religions!

September 21, 2015

OK, well not exactly at the same exact moment in the same exact location, but pretty close to it.

More than 20 InterPlayers are signed up to play at the Parliament of World Religions October 14-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah, all coming from different faith traditions using the bridge building practices of InterPlay to play every day, perform, and witness Spiritual Leaders like the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Karen Armstrong and more than 6000 participants.

The final morning, Monday October 19th, we will offer an Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human Workshop/Performance that will include newcomers as we focus on frequently underrepresented stories of women and girls!

How inspiring to bring together people like Susan Pudelek, Parliament Ambassador who led InterPlay in the Buddhist Catholic Dialogue at a Vatican meeting held with Pope Francis.


Kaira Jewel Lingo–Dharma Teacher in the Engaged Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh who uses InterPlay practices in some of her teaching.


Betsey Beckman who designed opening worship for this year’s Spiritual Directors International Conference.

Cassandra Sagan who uses InterPlay to prepare Jewish Maggids (storytellers) for Ordination.

Soyinka Rahim, GSP, Grassroots Spiritual Practionner who led InterPlay Race Dances across the US this year, including in Fergusen, Missouri.

and Kelsey Blackwell Shambhala Buddhist Practionner who recently attended Arts and Social Change InterPlay for Millennial Leaders.


Why Religion?  Is InterPlay a spiritual practice?
Phil and I see that the depth of human wholeness reveals itself in the arts, especially in dancing. From our beginnings this “moved” us to “heal the false split” that humans create between body, mind, heart and spirit. What eloquence we consistently see in people who create in the NOW!  How rich and resourceful people are when they “open up” to even a little more artfulness.

Why does it still surprise that those who move, vocalize, and share stories in the moment uncover a promised wholeness spoken of by founders of religious communities, the great spiritual teachers whose wisdom is followed in ancient cultures.  Because we need to be reminded, Phil and I use the word bodyspirit to reclaim that basic wholeness.

Spiritual intelligence is an inherent wisdom of our bodies. Spiritual intelligence does not replace religion or culture, and may not even be associated with a religion.  Yet it is a key intelligence to reach for when violence, injustice, and environmental challenges shake our foundations.

We need ways to harness the COMMON WEALTH of our spiritual wisdom, joy, courage, and love especially if we need to do hard things. InterPlay is one of these ways.

On this 25th year of celebration we are excited that InterPlay strategies are helping diverse spiritual communities foster their gifts of body wisdom using artful ways to amplify the wisdom of our traditions! We are even more thrilled when we get to play and learn together!

We invite you to participate!

  1. Connect to and affirm this offering by joining the special Facebook group where you can share your own hopes and connections in relation to learning from each other’s spiritual practices. Invite friends.
  2. Make a financial contribution. Body Wisdom created this to be an offering in honor of our 25th year – we are not charging typical tuition or event fees. Your contributions support costs for Parliament registrations, travel and event organizing expenses.
  3. Sign up for Parliament News and find ways to participate online.
  4. Know anyone going that we should connect with? Contact
  5. Last but not least please dance and sing on behalf of the gracious contributions of each InterPlayer and their offerings before, during and after the Parliament! They are:
  • Masankho Banda-Storyteller and Peace Activist from Malawi;
  • Betsey Beckman–Catholic liturgical dancer, Washington;
  • Kelsey Blackwell–Shambhala Buddhist practitioner, California;
  • Bobbie Bolden–Church of Religious Science Practionner, California;
  • Linda Breitag–Musician and Vipassana practitioner, Minnesota;
  • Agnotti Cowie–InterPlay Millennial Liaison, Chicago;
  • AJ Johnston–Sangha leader in the Thich Nhat Hanh community;
  • Michelle Jordan–Church of Religious Science Practionner, Calif;
  • Kaira Jewel Lingo–Dharma Teacher in the Engaged Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, Atlanta;
  • Julia McKay–Unitarian Universalist Minister, Colorado;
  • Susanna Pain–Anglican Priest and Spiritual Director, Australia;
  • Susan Pudelek–Catholic lay leader, Parliament Ambassador, Chicago;
  • Soyinka Rahim–Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner, California;
  • Cassandra Sagan from Oregon-Teacher at Jewish Spiritual Education Maggid-Ordination Program;
  • Judy Shook, Methodist Minister, Creation Spirituality Leader, Calif;
  • Rehana Tejpar–Somatic Arts Facilitator, Toronto;
  • Nadia Thalji-Therapist and Spiritual Leader, California/Brazil;
  • Barbra Wiener–Jewish leader, Minnesota.