InterPlayers Offer Voice to the Voiceless

photo 2

In Cambodia Trish Watts  listens to descendants of the Pol Pot genocide. The loss of so many artists, singers, dancers, intellectuals, and elders left kids without art mentors or knowledge about group song. Trish’s skills as a choir leader, Voice Movement Therapist and InterPlay leader support these young singers in Cambodia Sings, to Stand Up Tall and Strong. Here them sing.

A spontaneous, creative voice carries our truth, power, healing and wisdom. And in InterPlay our approach into leading a little creative movement, melody, rhythm and speech can help people tap into and share rich, simple, and silly moments with each other. When we do we feel more whole and safe allowing us to learn and heal.

Soyinka Rahim, the Grassroots Spiritual Practionner, is a fountain of song on the street, in a school, spiritual community or the conference stage. From her history in professional dance and teaching the young and the old, she inspires the breathless to breathe and the motionless to move with InterPlay and her BIBO Love chants, (Breathe In Breathe Out). Hear her voice on her BIBO Love album! Her work as a love activist is changing the world. BIBO!


Andrea Waterstone, Director of Art and Education at Georgia’s Clarkston Community Center (CCC) was thrilled to have Ruth Schowalter join her after school program to teach teenage refugee students “Creative Communication,” using the improvisational tools of InterPlay. She said, “The result from the work Ruth does with the students at the Clarkston Community Center is nothing short of transformational. I have first hand noticed students who were shy, unable to make eye contact during conversation or incapable of speaking up for themselves in group interaction BLOOM into more confident, self assured, well-spoken individuals. Read the whole thing here. 


LaVerne Baker Hotep traveled to South Sudan with Mediators Without Borders and used InterPlay practices to help refugees connect with each other and find hope. Through Shape & stillness and Big Body Stories with a Gesture Choir she said they took to InterPlay like “fish to water,” so often the case in cultures that retain connection to the wisdom of the body.


The vocal body is wise, joyful, and true. It carries us through suffering and opens the way to love. What an amazing resource!  If you are a choir leader or interested in voice you’ll find some easy InterPlay tools in the book What the Body Wants. Check out InterPlay classes and the rich leadership resources in InterPlay’s Life Practice Program and Trainings in your area.





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