News: What I saw looking back at the 21st Century

Future news: In the 21st century cadres of grace operatives systematically co-evolved world change. Surprisingly, they discovered ways to reactivate states of grace and change the social field from body to body. They did this first by reengaging the birth right practices of music, dance, story, stillness, and reflection. Then partnering with each other they introduced easy ways to value welcome and include diverse participation. It was all done by reclaiming ancient strategies, but with new purpose.

Their training and approach was grassroots, non-threatening, and rarely made the news since they weren’t dependent on financial success, industry, hierarchical authorities, celebrity or drama to create grace. Their modus operandi leaned instead toward cultivating generous teams and circles of people that drew on diverse styles, gifts, and lineages with help from trained grace-wise organizers.

Over time cultures of grace grew from body to body until fields of organic human connection were palpable. Some theorize that the shift was a survival imperative. Humans had to rapidly adapt to dense populations, constraints on global resources, and climate challenges. They needed each other like never before. Panic, fear and nervous fatigue were unsustainable as people witnessed attacks on themselves, schools, public places and nations.

The human crisis had created an unusual hunger for something new.  To fill that hunger grace operatives, teachers, artists, spiritual leaders, therapists, inventors, designers, and business entrepreneurs experimented with grace-making technologies like Mindfulness, Non violent Communication, Expressive Arts, InterPlay, Appreciative Inquiry, Yoga, Open Circle Technology, and Conscious Dance to name a few.

Each new generation was increasingly prone to interactive creativity and social connection. Many seemed driven by obsessions to both slow down and accelerate. As they consistently made choices for a new social order, they asked that all creativities and bodies be prioritized. The gave their lives to inventing and sustaining an emerging strategy. Where ambition was fallow or slow to rise, people were welcome to rest and wait. Trusting the innate wisdom of the body played a central role in their values.

As the internet connected people to one another it created a mirror for leaders who endorsed, embodies and shared grace. Both science and experience proved grace to be the missing link in the overall spiritual intelligence of the people and the planet. This is when Spiritual Intelligence was defined as the overarching cohesion of all intelligences working synchronously and spontaneously for the good.

Artists were given responsibility and honored for creating experiences of celebration and social grace. When their offerings induced desirable social outcomes like peace, wonder, and heightened creativity with room for all kinds of social genius, humans saw leaps in generative innovation. People literally threw off the antiquated dog eat dog style, every man for himself, and the paranoia of single culture systems.

How? It began when humans began to dance, sing, and tell their stories in open non authoritarian ways. They rebuilt their internal authority based on what their bodies knew and what they wanted. As they shared and researched together wisdom grew. They called the spirit of this movement Grace, Namaste, Shalom, Aloha. The shift took many names. The important thing was that humans realized that they not only wanted to change their destiny they must. And they did.

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